It’s LIVE!

Fatal Knockout FB banner

Happy Monday, beauties!

Fatal Knockout is LIVE, finally!

For those who’ve read the book before, or maybe you saw the reviews from it’s first release and decided to pass it up, I encourage you to re-read or one click the second edition. Not only has it had fresh edits, it’s been completely revamped and more than 20k words added to give the characters and their story justice. And honestly, I’ve never been more excited to release a story into the world. I believe Fatal Knockout is a story everyone can relate to, one way or another.

As of now, it’s available on Amazon and Kobo, with Apple and Nook taking their sweet time to release. I’m going to leave you all the links you need, and I’m going to give you a small and exclusive peak into Blaze’s head. If you get a minute, be sure to visit my Facebook author page to enter for a chance to win a secret surprise from me!

I love each and everyone of you to itty bitty pieces. Love it or hate it, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new and improved Fatal Knockout!

Mending hearts, one shattered piece at a time,



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon UK

Amazon AU




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