All For Allie Chapter 1


Unexpected Surprises 

 “Hey man, got some news for you,” Kyle says, grinning from ear to ear.

Oh hell, what did he get himself into this time? “Yeah? What’s that?” I ask, unsure if I really want to know what’s going on inside that big-ass head of his.

He walks in and shuts the bedroom door behind him. “Dude, I joined the military,” he announces in a whisper-like tone. “You’re looking at a Marine in training, bro. I’m a total badass,” he brags.

Well, shit, that’s not what I was expecting to hear.

Closing my eyes, I shake my head, hoping that my mind is playing tricks on me and I misunderstood him. “Dude, what did you just say?”  I need one last confirmation, before I lose my shit and beat his ass to a pulp.

He goes over and flops on top of the bed. Lying back, he kicks his shoes off. “That I’m a badass?” he shrugs.

“No, before that. What did you do?” I walk over and take a seat on the edge of the mattress.

“I signed with the US Marine Corps, man. I’ve been working with recruiters and stuff for the last month or so; my training begins in about a month. I’ll be working with hardcore badasses. This shit’s exhilarating; a total fucking adrenaline rush.” He continues to smile as if this is something to celebrate.

He has lost his ever lovin’ mind. Who in the hell, in their right state of mind, joins the fucking military and rejoices? Immediately, my brain begins to throb. I bring my hands up to the side of my head and use my fingers to massage my temples, attempting to lighten the pain. I begin to rock back-and–forth, as I take in slow deep breaths, concentrating on not strangling him. He has no clue what he’s just signed up for. My father was a Marine. I know what happens behind closed doors, and it’s nothing to celebrate.

“How long, Kyle?” I ask.

“Four years,” he responds.

I release a breath and push myself up off the bed. I begin to pace the floor and pop my knuckles in anger. How can he do this to them, to Lucille and Allie? Why would he do this to them? “Have you told your mother?” His body stiffens as he remains silent. I walk over to stand in front of him, and rest my hands on my hips. I look him in the eye as I wait for him to answer, but he doesn’t speak. I take his silence as a big, fat no. I throw my head back and present my next question, the most important question. “Kyle, did you tell Allie?” His smile disappears as I say her name. Hanging his head, he continues to remain silent. His silence provides me with the answer that I already knew.

I don’t know what’s come over me, but I have no control over my body. My feet are jerking; my hands are shaking, and the veins in my forearms are popping up from underneath my skin. Don’t do it, Wyatt. Just, don’t. I say this repeatedly inside of my head, but it isn’t calming me in the least. Although I’m telling my mind to chill out, my arms are twitching as if they don’t belong to me. They want to punch him; they’re itching to knock sense into that huge fucking head of his. Emotionally, I don’t want to harm him, but physically, my body wants to rip him to pieces.

Before I know it, my fists are tangled into his shirt, and I have him pinned up against the wall.

“Wyatt, dude, what the hell?” His eyes are wide, searching my face in question. I don’t answer him. Instead, I rear my arm back and land a punch to the left side of his face. Pulling his knee up, he smashes it into my boys, forcing my balls to feel like they’re lodged in my stomach. Using my hands to cup my boys, I crash to the floor, breathless. Before I have a chance to catch my breath, Kyle has me in a headlock from behind, choking me as he pulls me up and off the floor.

Pulling my leg up slightly, I find his foot and use the heel of my boot to stomp his bare toes. “Agh shit!” he screams. His grip loosens from my neck and I’m able to escape him.

Turning around, I bring my knee up and I slam into his abdomen. Then, I pull him up by his chin and punch him again. Kyle pounds his fist into my stomach, knocking the breath I just caught out of me. He leaps for my neck in the hope of placing me in a sleeper hold, but I dodge him. He flies past me and slams into his nightstand, knocking the large ceramic lamp over. The next sound I hear is that of breaking glass, from the window behind the stand. As I turn my attention to the window, Kyle tackles me to the floor. He uses his knees to pin my arms to the floor, and uses both of his fists to attack the sides of my face.

“I. Will. Not. Back. Down,” He spits with each punch.

“No?” I have to think of some way to get my arms loose. I feel the blood from my lip dripping down the side of my chin, and my left eye is swelling shut. He’s tougher than he used to be and his punches haven’t decreased any in speed. I twist my hips to the side and buck my chest. Kyle loses balance and leans off to the side of me. As he focuses on not falling off me completely, his knee slips and my arm is free. I decide to fight dirty, girly if you will. I reach up, pinch his nipple, and I twist until I can’t twist anymore.

“Aggghh! Dirty move, douche,” he screeches. Yes, screeches, just like a woman. The pain distracts him long enough for me to roll him off me. I place myself on top of him and pin him to the floor, just as he did me.

“Oh my God! What do you two think you’re doing?” Lucille yells. She emerges through the door just in time to prevent me from breaking Kyle’s nose. “Wyatt Evan Cooper, get your ass off Kyle. Now!” she orders. I’ve been around long enough to know that when Lucille curses, she means business. I glance from Lucille back down to Kyle, and then drop my fist to my side. Pushing myself off him, I grab my jacket and head for the door.

Lucille reaches out and takes me by the arm, her nails dig into my flesh, “Oh no you don’t! Y’all got some explaining to do. Both of your faces are red and swollen. There’s blood dripping from your lip, and the room is destroyed. And on another note, one of you is going to give me the money to replace that window right there.” I place my hand around her wrist and gently pull her hand away from my arm.

“Sorry,” she apologizes, eyeing my arm. “Now, you two are grown men; you can figure out who will clean up and pay for this window on your own. I’ve told you many times before, I will not stand for boxing matches in this house. Take it outside,” she commands.

Kyle and I nod. “Yes, ma’am,” we agree, in unison.

“I mean it.” Lucille nods her head and exits the room. As I begin to follow behind her, I hear chuckles come from behind me. I come to a stop and turn around to eye Kyle. “Dude, really? You’re laughing right now?”

He shrugs and nods his head. “Yeah. It’s funny, don’t you think?”

Hell no, I don’t think it’s funny. “Why is it funny, Kyle? What part about you signing away your life, and kicking me in the nuts is funny, huh?”

He continues to chuckle. “No, not that. Watching you, watching your body battle your brain. I knew you were coming for me…I’m really going to miss you, man,” he admits.

Realizing how I must have looked causes me to let out a slight laugh. “Yeah,” I grin. I really did try to control my anger. I tried hard. This isn’t the first time my brain and body have battled. I’ve taken several anger management classes before. But when you itch, you scratch, right? Same difference.

“Kyle?” He lifts his eyes up so that he’s looking me directly in the eyes. “Don’t wait too long to tell them what you’ve done. And when you do decide to tell them, I don’t want to be anywhere near here. I can’t stand to see Allie hurt, because this,” I motion between the two of us, “is nothing compared to what I’ll do to you if I see you make her cry.” With that, I turn and exit the room.


I’ve had one week to analyze Kyle’s decision to join the military, but the shit just doesn’t seem real. Kyle hasn’t told Allie or Lucille about his new found career choice, and let me tell you, it isn’t easy keeping the secret from Allie. We don’t keep secrets from one another; we share everything. And I hope that when Kyle announces his new title, Allie doesn’t find out that I’ve known this entire time and didn’t tell her. She’ll never trust me again. I’m heading over to Allie’s now to pick her up for our weekly date night. We’ve decided to go out to dinner, catch a movie, and then come home and snuggle. Yeah, I admit to snuggling. If my girl wants to snuggle, I’ll give her all the snugglin’ her heart desires. And since Lucille’s at work, and Kyle’s on a date, that means I get a few steamy make-out sessions with my girl.

It’s becoming more difficult to pull away from her, especially since she’s turned eighteen. That girl, my beautiful brown-eyed girl, she teases the fuck out of me. We kiss; we touch, and we taste, but we never penetrate. I’ve become accustomed to blue-ball pain over the last year or so. As much as I’d like to have my way with her, make her scream my name, she isn’t ready. And even though I’m willing to wait until she’s ready to surrender herself to me, it doesn’t stop me from getting a rock-hard cock just thinking of her.

I pull into the drive and silence my engine. I take in a breath and will my boy to stand down. After about five minutes, I get out of the Jeep and make my way toward Allie’s front door. Walking up the steps, I turn the knob and enter the house. I don’t bother knocking any more. I’ve stayed here long enough that I’m welcomed. And since Allie and I’ve been together for over a year, Lucille considers me to be one of her own. As I turn to shut the door, I hear mumbling come from the kitchen. I kick off my boots and make my way to join them.

As I enter the kitchen, I see Allie crash to the floor. Immediately, I run and wrap my arms around her. Confused, I look up to Kyle and shrug. His eyes are glossy as he stares at me holding his baby sister while she sobs. I glance up to Lucille and see her staring at Kyle in utter shock. Now, it’s clear to me. He must’ve told them what he’s done. I knew this would break them. And as bad as I want to bash his fucking face in, Allie needs me.

I squeeze Allie into my side. “It’s okay, baby. Just-just, shhh,” I whisper against the top of her head.

She sniffs and lifts her head, but she doesn’t look at me; she looks to Kyle instead. “How could you, Kyle? Why? Why would you want to leave me?” she sobs. She’s crying so much that her bare shoulders glisten from splattering tears. She pulls her shirt up to dry her face, and then turns her face to me. Tears flow from her big brown eyes like a waterfall. “Wyatt, please talk him out of this. Please? You can’t let him kill himself, just….please,” she begs.

My insides become knotted and tears sting my eyes as her plea rips my heart into shreds, strand by strand. I use my hand to pull her face into my chest, and I rest my chin on top of her head. What they say is true; one lie does lead to another. And for some strange reason, I have a feeling this is where my web of lies begin.

I glare into Kyle as I think about what to say to Allie. “First, I need to know what I’m talking him out of, babe. I’m not sure what’s going on,” I lie.

Allie tries to stand, but her knees buckle and she falls back down into my lap. “He joined the Marines, Wyatt. He’s committing suicide!” she screams between sobs.

Swallowing hard, I nod. “Okay. I’m not sure there’s much that I can do to stop him, but I’ll talk to him. Promise.” I kiss her head and help her to stand. Of all days, of all the fucking days he had to tell them, he picks now. He knew I was coming to pick her up, and I told his ass I didn’t want to witness her crying. What a fucking douche.


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