Interview at Read and Share Book Reviews


How did you pick the title for your book?
I wanted a name to catch the reader’s attention. Something strong and meaningful, something no one else had. Shattered represents the heartache Allie experiences, Shaken represents how someone’s world can be turned upside down within the blink of an eye. Shattered and Shaken fits the story perfectly.
What was the toughest negative criticism that you received and how did you overcome it?
My family and friends are extremely religious, and so am I. However, they disagree with the work I’ve produced. They disagree with my foul language, and exploitation of sex between unmarried couples. I’ve had family tell me they were disgusted that I would put something like this out there, but they never read or asked me what my story was about, they had only read small teasers. I’ve had friends tell me that I’m a harlot going to hell in gasoline soaked panties! I don’t believe you ever just overcome it, you deal with it and move on. You see the lives you touch, interact with fans, and move on until the next one comes along.  I’ve learned from my dear friend, James Holeva, never let anyone stifle your adventure- best advice ever!
What’s the one message you want reader’s to take away with them when reading your books?
Life is short! We aren’t promised another day, hour, minute, or second. Don’t live your life filled with what if, regret, anger, or being filled with hatred- it only affects your sanity. Live like it’s your last day on Earth, laugh until your stomach hurts, and love until your heart stops beating. Most importantly, never judge. You never know what someone else is going through.
How do you balance life, family, kids, work etc. and still get your writing done?
Ha! My life is so off balance. Writing takes a huge part of my life away from my family and friends. If it weren’t for my husband being supportive Shattered and Shaken, along with my other works in progress wouldn’t exist. Day time hours are devoted to my two 6 year olds and one year old. After homework and dinner, I’m off to write until the early morning hours- I lack lots of sleep and consume way too much coffee!
What can readers do to support their favorite authors?
First off I love all the readers!! Share, support, give honest feedback, criticize constructively, and never return a book after you’ve read the material. As Indie authors we don’t profit much, if any at all. Yes, we love what we do, but we also depend on our sales to be able to provide you with more awesome stories. Never bully and never lie, we want to learn from our mistakes, hear from you, and learn what you want! It’s all about you, loves! 

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